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Tourist Bus

La Paz – Uyuni

  • SCANIA 2014 bus
  • Bed seats (160°)
  • 2 seats per row (2-1) with good leg room
  • Heating on board
  • Travel concierge on board
  • Departure everyday 21:15hrs. La Paz to Uyuni
  • Departure everyday 21:15hrs. Uyuni – La Paz
  • One way bus 40$us – Road trip bus 80$us

Uyuni Bus +591 65160520 – +591 70537010
La Paz Bus +591 65160520

online payment


sleeping mask-ear plugs

blankets and travel pillow

oxygen cylinder


hot beverages

travel concierge on board

PIC-UP from downtown hotels

bottle of WATER

toilet on the bus

Miles of smiles
Confort & Style over every mille

Traveling to and from Uyuni

Road Runner Tourist Bus is generally delayed during the rainy season, so take your precautions and do not miss your Uyuni tour or connections.

We recommend to book your Uyuni Bus tickets in advance. Especially during the high season the bus tickets are often sold out.

Fuel Efficient

Did you know that buses have the smallest carbon footprint of all transportation services? Its true. Cars, trains and planes are all more costly to the environment than buses. One bus can replace 3 cars and spends 60% less energy per passenger mile than trains.

State of the Art

Traveling by bus is the cheapest way to get around South America in general, but this is even more so in Bolivia, where bus tickets are way cheaper than in countries like Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Highly Trained

As an industry leader, Road Runner tourist bus  doesn’t just hire drivers; we employ people with compassionate attitudes who want to help our passengers. Our drivers don’t take their responsibilities lightly. They know their role impacts a passenger’s planned long time trip.

Client Testimonials

This is an excellent service. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of passengers’ luggage. We had the luxury seats downstairs on the bus. This like business class on a plane. The seat reclines almost fully, is wide and has a platform for feet and legs so you can lie almost flat if you are of average height or lower. Blankets and pillows were provided as well as hot drinks, water, and two small meals. There is a toilet on board. The bus made a stop just before Uyuni, where there is a viewing tower to seethe desert and distant salt flats.

Tim V.

English speaking, Wifi on board, Comfortable, Safe, Clean, On-Time. Pillow, blanket, water and food all provided.

Excellent way to travel from La Paz to Uyuni and back and very cost-friendly.

Nikky F.

This bus service was clean and very comfortable. A pillow, blanket and a 500ml bottle of water is provided per passenger. There is also a small dinner and breakfast. Service was on time and safe.
In La Paz the office is not in the main bus station (it is across the street). Don’t waste 20 minutes wondering the bus station looking for it like us!

Harley T.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get problems with altitude sickness at the Salar de Uyuni?

IF TRAVELING FROM LA PAZ (also at high altitude) you should be fine in Uyuni, once you have spent 1 or 2 days in La Paz, or even Cusco (Machu Picchu) in Peru.

Altitude sickness can catch many travellers a little bit off guard. Not everyone gets sick at high altitudes and it is difficult to predict who is likely to be badly affected by it. For most people it is nothing more than a headache and some dizzy sensations that diminish over a short period of time, 1 to 2 days for most people.

If you want to limit your chances of getting sick though, there are a few things you can do.

Drink lots of water and slow down!! This sounds simple but both of these things are very important. Your body is struggling because you don’t have enough oxygen so avoiding any extraneous activity is a good idea. Chew Some Coca Leaves. The native people of South America have been chewing coca for centuries thanks to its ability to alleviate mild altitude sickness symptoms. Coca leaves can be bought in any supermarket and even souvenir shops or street stalls.

Take (Soroche) Altitude Sickness pills, these are sold over the counter all over Peru and Bolivia and are just a few dollars. If you are flying straight into altitude over 2500meter, without spending any time at a intermediate elevation and you’re worried about getting sick, you can ask your doctor for more specific and stronger altitude sickness medication in advance.

From where do the tours of the Salt Flats start? Can I start from La Paz?
All of the tours of Salar de Uyuni start in Uyuni. The tours will not include your transfer from La Paz, you will need to organise and pay for this separately. The buses to Uyuni are overnight and depart La Paz every night and arrive into Uyuni the next day at approx. 7am. All the tours start at 10am-11am. It is strongly recommended to book your Uyuni tour online or in La Paz, NOT in Uyuni itself.
Do I need to stay one night in Uyuni before and after my tour?
You will arrive into Uyuni early in the morning and it is possible to start a tour the day you arrive. Most of the tours will start 10am-11am in the morning. You will return to Uyuni by 5:30 – 6:00 pm and will have time to eat and head back on the overnight bus to La Paz or take a bus onto Potosi / Sucre. It is advised that you book these buses in advance of taking your trip of the Salt Flats so no it is not necessary to stay in Uyuni.
Are there ATMs?
Bring money with you. Sometimes the ATMs do not work in Uyuni so it is best to take out any money you need in advance.
Will I have internet connection on a tour?
No, there is no internet connection on the tours. It is a very remote location.

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